About Gerry Cryer

Gerry Cryer is a full-time writer who now lives in Surrey in England.

He is also a business mentor, innovator, one-time guitarist in the covers rock band Mid Life Crisis and coach. After a university career contemporary with a British Home Secretary and the editor of a daily national newspaper (neither of whom he knew because they didn’t play rugby), he embarked on a long and successful series of jobs in business management and consultancy, which others have kindly called a career.

In his story-telling, he provides insights into top-level machinations, negotiations and behind-the-scenes issues that the general public know nothing about. Combined with his experience of different cultures, having lived and worked in over twenty-five countries on three continents – namely, Europe, the USA and the Middle East – he has a vast knowledge resource. He has high emotional intelligence and is a tenacious observer of the human condition, which gives him a special talent for looking at the detail and minutiae and setting them in the context of the bigger picture, dissecting human behaviour into its component parts within the complex situations that modern society demands.

Gerry has the useful knack of staying relaxed and calm, especially in a crisis, not least because of the motto he lives by: ‘Expect the unexpected’. This has proved particularly useful as his natural inquisitiveness and sense of adventure have caused him to be at the centre of many a crisis.

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