A Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Father Christmas, It is 60 years since I last wrote to you and because I didn’t write 59 years ago I haven’t had the opportunity, since then, to say thank you for all those fabulous presents you brought me. Thank you also for all the presents you gave to Ben, Lucinda, and Maddie.

Over all these years I hope you enjoyed the glasses of whiskey and delicious mince pies that were left out? I will own up and tell you that Annie left out many more, but I ate some. You see Annie was always up late on Christmas morning, as the children slept, wrapping up presents and I got hungry. I love mince pies. Did the reindeer like all the carrots? The children used to ask me if they helped them see better through the night as they race around the world. I said I thought it did. Can you ask Rudolph?

You may think it rather odd that I should write again after all these years, but things have changed and now there is young Bertie experiencing his first ever Christmas. As he is new into this world it would be terrible if you missed him. Can you make sure he is on your list?  Oh, and don’t forget Sasha’s nephew, Michael, born on the same day as Bertie. Can you believe that coincidence? Anyway, I hope this counts as a good enough reason to resume our correspondence.

Normally a letter to Santa Claus includes the list of presents you could give me. My problem is that I don’t know what I want. I really don’t know. Annie, Sasha, Ben, Lucinda, and Maddie have been asking me that ever since the start of November and it is very difficult.

Of course, there are some things I want but the question is if I need them? Many of the things I need are much more wishes than anything that can be bought on Amazon. I have Sasha’s love, I have Annie again as a best friend, three great children and then of course the mighty Bertie.

I know Bertie and Michael still want a present, but I won’t ask for anything for me and having been away for so long, is it impertinent to make a request?

Now that I have apparently grown up, maybe you are a little worried that I am going to ask for something that you can’t manage. Please don’t worry, I know there are lots of things that are just too difficult but maybe this year you could just have a go at one or two? I haven’t asked for anything for a long, long time. We could start with something easy.

Could you stop President Trump using Twitter and instead just get him doing something that isn’t divisive?

What about getting all the Brexit leaders to stop posturing and sort it all out to everyone’s benefit?

I know I have a problem growing up, but could you help Boris grow up a little faster than me?

While I am on a roll it is not just the wish of every pageant queen to have world peace and no more global hunger. There are lots of us who wish that. You may think that would be too difficult, but I know you could manage it and anyway, do you think President Trump, Prime Minister May, President Putin, and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un have already asked for it?

You don’t need to let me know the answer, but could you have a peek at what they have on their lists and if they are being selfish or greedy, don’t give them anything?

Are you OK with this?

I hope you didn’t mind,

All the very best,


P.S. When the price of Virtual Reality kits drops a lot I would be very interested.

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