A Short Break

I am going to take a short Easter break and will be back again on Tuesday and already I have many topics in mind.

On a personal front, the highlight in April will be Ben and Hannah’s marriage in Cambridge. Meanwhile, I will be planning for my next trip to Kiev to be with Sasha. On this visit, I have decided to explore and look for work opportunities.

When I was in Dubai some of my most enjoyable work was coaching and mentoring senior managers. I worked with all nationalities. Kiwis, Brits and Eneratii were clients. It was a mixture of psychologist, nanny, business expert, and most of all trusted friend.

Normally we would meet for an hour or two in their office but the best sessions always seemed to be when we met for an alfresco lunch to chew over more than the cud.

My idea in Kiev is to offer a similar service added to which is the opportunity for my client to practice their business English. Sasha is already on the case and is bending her father’s ear for contacts.

The state of the world offers many thoughts on topics over the summer.

President Trump will offer his usual mixture of humour at the way he manages the White House and runs America tinged with total global fear as he sets off to meet the demonic leader of North Korea.

Mueller may have a say during the summer on the way the West is run and I expect that Stormy may soon be on his agenda. Remember Clinton’s problems started with a land deal in Arkansas and finished unhappily (if that is the right phrase) with Monica on her knees.

Regular readers will know that I have huge respect for the past sacrifices of Russia during the war but little for their President, Putin. I think he is a bully and I expect a strong reaction to his embassies being denuded of all their spies. Guns are not today’s weapon of choice and it is all cyber and psyops. But we are at war with Russia and as every action has to be responded to with more powerful retaliation it is only a short step to military action. Expect scuffles around the world and Putin tickling and testing Nato’s underbelly in the East.

On a more trivial level, we have the World Cup of football starting in June with the added piquancy that it is being held in Russia. Finally, I want to finish the feature on the seven virtues to match the seven sins.

But all of this is for the late Spring and Summer. There will be much to talk about and it will all start again next week.

Until then, I wish you all a very happy Easter break and if you have a few days holiday I hope the sun shines for you.