A collection of over fifty, subtly sensual and erotic fantasies based on the research of Alexandra, a Ukrainian psychologist and fashion model. Over 50 short personal sensual and sometimes, erotic fantasies.

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It may be naughty, raunchy and exciting but this is also a book that shows women how they can be empowered by their deepest thoughts. It is a book that every woman should read.


This is a book for women. This is really a book about your feelings. If you have interest in the subject it is a book you will enjoy immensely.

Although I wrote this as a book for women, it is also great reading for men. I am sure we can all agree that, generally, men just don’t understand women and our needs. So, men, if you must,  please read and buy Alexandra; you might learn something and you will also enjoy it immensely.

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What more could you want? Over fifty of Alexandra’s personal, favourite fantasies

Paperback and Kindle  iBooks Read First Chapter