The Present That Lasts a Lifetime

Last night my friend Kamini sent me an email and  asked in which order should she read my books. What a difficult question as she, like everyone else, likes different genres. I know her well, but not well enough to answer that question. My family, of course, are forced fed a new title and separately they prefer one over others.

With Christmas on the way it seemed like a great time to give you an insight into each, in the order they were published.

The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove

If you like a story that covers one person’s life this could be the story for you. If you like Eastern European history with a subtle philosophical theme, then this is definitely the one for you.

The Masterful Manipulation of George Cove, was shortlisted into the final 300 of the ‘Amazon Breakthrough Novel of 2014’ in the general fiction category.

If you are trying to get a perspective on the current events in the Ukraine this is the book you need to read.  It tells the story of the struggle of Ukrainian nationalists in the 1970’s against Soviet hegemony. “When fate deals you a hand better than you could possibly imagine, should you trust it unquestioningly? If you do, will fate then find a way to claim back the fortunes it has bestowed on you?”

Here is a short summary.

Once Professor Aleksandra Ponomarenko had been George Cove’s tutor at Oxford but today, twenty years since they last met, she is telling him a life story – his own. He knew already that one of the greatest human tragedies of the twentieth century, the nuclear incident at Chernobyl in 1986, was deliberate sabotage, but Aleksandra reveals that not only was his role pivotal in the catastrophe, but everything else that mattered in his life – his education, his job, where he lived, how he lived, who he fell in love with, and who he lost – was orchestrated by the unseen hand of a man called Bill Familiant.

As the Cold War became colder, Familiant, the British spy master, was in fear of the increasing Russian hegemony in Eastern Europe. He developed a counter-strategy that would last at least a generation, but to deliver his ambitious plan he needed to find agents who would grow into their role, and who could not know they had been selected for the purpose.

Until this meeting with Aleksandra, George had no idea he and Anna had been the chosen ones. In their young adult years, when Familiant started pulling the strings, fate seemed particularly kind to them; but all the time, their feelings and loyalties were being moulded in preparation for active espionage in Poland and the Ukraine, and to be each other’s’ first real love.

With George and Anna as his spearhead, Familiant’s personal attack on the Red Enemy snowballed towards Chernobyl and the events that would haunt George forever.

George finally faces up to the truth about his past and addresses Familiant’s questionable morality and masterful manipulations, but he also gets the chance to build a new life – his own. With a second chance, will he be more successful?

“When fate deals you a hand better than you could possibly imagine, should you trust it unquestioningly? If you do, will fate then find a way to claim back the fortunes it has bestowed on you? This is a gripping novel of intrigue, power and complex relationships, showing the havoc caused when the State and the powerful manipulate innocent young lives to achieve their own goals—even when it comes to acts against humanity. This poignant story tackles important issues about destiny, complicity and personal identity and responsibility.”

Blah Blah

Having written a serious book covering a long-time period with a big cast I thought it would be interesting to change all the parameters. So Blah Blah has a small cast, a short time period (maybe 3 weeks) and is written in the first person. Nothing like testing yourself.

Among all the humour (and readers say it is very funny) it is still thought provoking.

There is a strong theme around the perceptions we all have on the world and how wrong they can be when more information becomes available. It is also about middle aged male angst. There will be many a husband and boyfriend who might recognise themselves in the protagonist.

There is a warning. Some readers find the start far too misogynist, but I can defend that!!

To the outsider, Tommy leads a very, very successful life. Which it is, but it’s also dull. And lonely. He has much to say, but no-one listens. He has strong opinions, but no-one cares. He has vibrant dreams, but no-one shares.

A sense of humour, but no-one laughs. He wants to be a hero, but he has no-one to save. Instead, he immerses himself in a private world of desire, fantasy, and adventure in an attempt to escape from his flat-lining life. Then he meets Scunt. She is young, feisty, and deeply enthralling … and on the run from a violent pimp and the police. She needs help – and Tommy is there. Finally, a chance to become a hero of his own life. And maybe hers


Again, a change in style but I was only the editor in this book. I purchased the case studies from Alexandra (my life has been littered with women called Alexandra – it is all very confusing) a psychologist in the Ukraine. Her expertise and the subject of the book are women’s sensual fantasies.

A collection of over fifty, subtly sensual and erotic fantasies based on the research of Alexandra, a Ukrainian psychologist and fashion model. 56 short personal sensual and sometimes, erotic fantasies.

This isn’t fantasy wrapped as fiction, but fantasies recorded in an easy read. These are many women’s real stories pulled together as if one person but only to make the read easier.

Remember the film: ‘What Women Want’? Well this might be the book version. Women may see themselves and be liberated to discover that other women share some of the same fantasies, and men might learn what women sometimes think about. More importantly, at this time in the World, the books shows that women aren’t always the subservient slaves of 50 Shades of Grey. Women demand an equality.

It is naughty and a great read.

DCI Catchpole: Maran Avdoniy

Here is a bit of honesty. I was bored with finding new characters and needed a policeman, so I could write a series and, so I discovered DCI Paul Catchpole. In this the first of the series (the second is going well) there is of course a murder, but you know who did it in early chapters. This all about the hunt.

It should have been a straightforward case. In the early hours of the morning a body is found in the passenger seat of a car. It is quickly identified, and all that troubled DCI Paul Catchpole was his lack of sleep. Then the connections are made.

It’s a gang killing and the gang’s boss, the charismatic Maran Avdoniy, is Ukrainian, a gun runner, a trafficker and trader in women across Europe and the UAE. If catching him wasn’t already complicated someone is already hunting Avdoniy. Robbie Noakes of MI6, has built his career harassing Avdoniy, and he is determined to drive the case and Catchpole’s agenda.

In a fast-paced thriller Catchpole chases his man from London to the Ukraine and then Dubai all the time hating being at the behest of MI6. His job is solving murders in London and putting criminals behind bars and not building Noakes’ career.

I can’t just tell the story and I need a theme to keep me going and in this it is the international trafficking of women. Don’t worry, this is not a spoiler and you learn that very early in the book.


So, there we are. These are the four books we currently sell and over time there will be more. How soon the new DCI Catchpole book is available depends on how quickly you buy the others to fund my very frugal life style and stop me taking other work!!

Books are a wonderful Christmas present. They last a long time and show thought. I hope you find something within our list to help you show love to the one you love.

All the books are available in Kindle, iBooks and soft cover, just check the web page ( and if there are any problems feel free to drop me a line.